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Apples from Milburn Orchards 

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We grow all the apples we sell, and have fresh delicious apples ready from July through Christmas and on into January. Each apple is picked to assure you great flavor, perfect texture, and at the peak of the apple’s nutritional value. Our apples and our delicious apple cider are trademarks of Milburn Orchards. Whether you are choosing an apple for a great tasting snack, or picking apples for apple pie, apple crisp, apple-walnut salad, or your own favorite family recipe, you’ll find we have the perfect choice for your culinary creation!

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The following chart, based on the last five years, gives you some idea when specific varieties are harvested and stocked in our market. The chart will also assist you in choosing the right apple for you. You may also want to visit our Pick Your Own Apples page, if you’d like to go out into the orchard and select your own.

If you are coming to the orchard to purchase a specific variety, please call ahead just to be sure it’s available. Our number is (410) 398-1349 or (800) 684-3000.

The link below has more information and our Ripening Calendar!

Click here for ripening dates and uses for Milburn Apples


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