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U-pick raspberries, ripe for picking at Milburn Orchards, Elkton, MarylandU-Pick Raspberry Adventures at Milburns!

We will reopen U-Pick Raspberries mid-August 2017!

You can help us “stay green” in the berry fields…we started a program where you’ll save 50 cents just by re-using the original picking container we provided to you on your first trip….so come on back and pick some more!

Raspberries, a real treat for the taste buds, from Milburn Orchards, Elkton, MarylandRaspberries are delicate, sweet berry with just a subtle tartness when fully ripe. These delicious berries bring health and nutrition to your morning cereal, or a tangy sweetness to an evening bowl of ice cream. If you like to cook, you’ll love the special flavor that raspberry adds to many of your favorite dishes.

We usually expect Raspberries to be ready to pick in August, and once they come in, we hope to have raspberries for picking through early fall months.

New this season: We have implemented a new policy which requires a $5 minimum per
person ages 16-59.  Upon arrival you’ll be given a wooden nickel in exchange for your $5 deposit. When you’ve finished picking, your berries will be weighed and the $5 deposit will be applied to your purchase and you’ll be charged for the remaining balance.
No refunds will be issued for total charges less than $5.00.

Thank you from The Milburn Family!

Raspberry Picking Hours:

Starts Mid-August and lasts usually through early fall:

Wednesdays 8am-Noon,
(10% seniors discount each Wednesday)

Saturday & Sundays: 10am-5pm, plus Labor Day Monday if berries are plentiful!


Please call before you come! Berries are sensitive to weather changes, so always call our hotline for the latest picking info:

(410) 398-1349 OR (800) 684-3000

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