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Chin-Dribblin’ Peaches from Milburn Orchards

Peach season a treat at Milburn Orchards

(We do NOT offer “U-Pick” Peaches, sorry!)

Peaches are done for 2016 but they’ll be back in the Farm Market all summer long in 2017!

It only takes one bite to know that you’ve chosen a fresh, sweet, juicy and delicious peach picked right at the orchard at the peak of perfection. Because we’ve selected many varieties based on flavor and their ripening characteristics, we are picking fresh peaches from a little after mid-June, clear through September.

We’re also experimenting with many new peach varieties in limited quantities this summer…so keep an eye out for these treats in our farm market each time you visit.

Bushels of peaches ready for the taste buds at Milburn Orchards, Elkton, MarylandPeriodically throughout the year, we also send a short email to our Milburn Orchards friends letting them know when specific fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready to eat.

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The following link includes more info and a chart, based on the last five years, gives you some idea when specific varieties are available for sale in the market. If you are coming to the orchard to purchase a specific variety, please call ahead. Our number is (410) 398-1349 or (800) 684-3000.

Click here for ripening dates and uses for Milburn Peaches



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